Educational program “Electromechanical automatio sytems, electric drive and electromobility”,faculty of electric power engineering and automatics of “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”

Masters graduates, spring 2019

Congrats to master graduates of spring 2019!

We congratulate our scientific masters who graduate in this year! Awarding diplomas to “I. Sikorsky KPI” graduates of the Electric Power Engineering and Automatics Faculty was held in the auditorium of the Academic Council of the 1st corps in January 17, 2019.

These masters are the first who graduate scientific master courses, and they are the third group of masters graduates of new educational program “Electromechanical automation systems, electric drive and electromobility, link on the news about the third graduates group and on the second one.

2 masters are successfully defended, both get diplomas with honors on Automation of electromechanical systems and electric drive department.

Following are photos from the diplomas awarding solemn ceremony:

Graduates received diplomas of an international standard recognized by employers and universities of the world, which makes it possible to get a job at a company engaged in the automation of electromechanical systems, industrial automation, the integration of digital systems, configuration of electrical installations, their programming, etc. both in Ukraine and abroad.

Traditionally, Dean of our Faculty Yandulsky O. S., Deputy Dean Assoc. Denisyuk P. L., Head of the Department of AEMS-ED Prof. S.M. Peresada and curator of graduates associate prof. M.V. Pushkar personally congratulated graduates with the qualification of an electrical engineer on a new specialty “Electric power engineering, electrical engineering and electromechanics” and wished great future gains.

The key materials of their graduates works are already loaded on this page.

Works are closely connected to investigation of operational modes efficiency of pump installations in hydraulic network pressure stabilization conditions, and to hybrid energy storage systems control for electric vehicles.

In the future, graduates are planning to enter the post-graduate cources on department.

Once again, we congratulate the graduates of spring 2019 and wish them happiness and inspiration in the future!


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Educational process in quarantine

Taking into account the epidemiological situation in Ukraine and the level of danger on the territory of Kiev (More info is by the link.), an order was issued on the mode of operation of the university in the spring semester. The educational process is carried out remotely in accordance with the Regulations adopted last year.

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