2-nd conference IEEE UkrCon’19

It is the second time that scientific IEEE conference “Ukraine Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering” is holding. In the previuos time, the conference held in the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv polytechnic institute. This time, it is in Lviv, in Ivan Franko National technical university and Lviv national polytechnic university. The conference is already going, and its time period is 2-6 July, 2019.

Our department prepar several works, which will be presented during procedings.

I. Section “Track 3: Industrial and Power Electronics & Energy Systems”

  1. Speed vector control of induction motor with copper and iron losses minimization
    O. Tolochko, D. Kalugin and O. Burmelov
  2. The instantaneous power theory of multiphase power supply systems and its application to energy-saving shunt active filtering
    M. Artemenko, V. Mykhalskyi, S. Polishchuk, V. Chopyk and I. Shapoval
  3. Adaptive speed control and self-commissioning of the surface mounted permanent magnet synchronous motors
    S. Peresada, Y. Nikonenko and V. Reshetnyk

II. Section “Track 4: Industry Applications, Automation & Industry 4.0”

4. Induction motor control system of electric vehicle with improved dynamics in field weakening region
B. Pryymak

5. Automation of polymer composite materials formation process with a specified structure
O. Khalimovskyy, O. Sokolskyy, I. Ivitskyy

The photo from the conference

IEEE UkrCon’19 conference materials will be added to IEEExplore and Scopus databases. After its publication, they will be added at this site.