Program “Electromechanical Automation Systems, Electric Drive and Electromobility”,faculty of Electric Power Engineering and Automatics of “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”

Master of sciences courses

Master of sciences courses

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Subjects of some past dissertations:

  1. Vector-controlled induction drive of an unmanned electric vehicle with acceleration and braking at high speeds
  2. Electromechanical system of automation of the robot manipulator SCARA
  3. Electromechanical system of automation of the reciprocating compressor with the increased energy efficiency
  4. Modernization of electric drive systems and automation of passenger elevator taking into account new regulations
  5. Electromechanical system for stabilizing the position of the reverse pendulum
  6. Energy-efficient induction drive of the drainage pumping station of the quarry
  7. The concept of experimental research of synchronous motor with permanent magnets control systems
  8. Automated electric drive of a metalworking machine and modeling of its operation in Siemens Sinutrain
  9. Laboratory complex for research of electric devices and elements for protection of electric drives
  10. The concept of practical study of the basics of configuration and testing of automation systems based on Ethernet
  11. The concept of building an electromechanical system for a sports electric car
  12. Induction electric drive of the traction module of the tram
  13. Electromechanical system of a four-seater electric aircraft
  14. Research of methods for increasing of efficiency in systems with the induction motor
  15. Electromechanical system of an electric motorcycle
  16. Simulation of two-channel electromechanical systems
  17. Testing rig for the study of two-mass electromechanical systems with elastic mechanical coupling
  18. Electromechanical system of pulse wire feed of the arc welding unit
  19. Automation of the complex for the production of mineral fertilizers
  20. Vector control system for induction motors taking into account the dead time of the inverter
  21. Induction electric drive of the bridge crane lifting mechanism
  22. The influence of the nature of load distribution in a multi-engine conveyor on its energy characteristics
  23. Research of operating modes of the suspended chain conveyor
  24. System of vector control of speed of IM of an electric tractor with the combined neural network optimization of power consumption
  25. Tracking electromechanical system of a link of the welding manipulator with the laser position sensor
  26. The system of direct torque control in electric drive of the bridge crane
  27. System of sensorless vector control of an induction motor taking into account saturation
  28. Electric drive and automation of flexible warehousing system
  29. The concept of studying the basics of design and testing of human-machine interface in the automation system based on Ethernet and Profibus
  30. Robotic complex for automatic laying of mosaic materials on the basis of a linear stepper electric drive
  31. Autonomous generation system based on an asynchronous generator with a limited resource of the primary source of mechanical energy
  32. Automated dosing system
  33. Automation of the polymer yarn manufacturing process using SCADA.

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2022/2023 academic year

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on the budget: 130.


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