Program “Electromechanical Automation Systems, Electric Drive and Electromobility”,faculty of Electric Power Engineering and Automatics of “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”

Graduation works

Graduation works of the department AEMS-ED

Graduation theses on the educational program “Electromechanical automation systems, electric drive and electromobility” (formerly – specialization “Electromechanical automation systems and electric drive”).

The table shows the terms of training in all educational-professional and educational-scientific areas of training specialists with higher education (HE).

Since 2017, master’s studies have been divided to the educational-professional training program and the educational-scientific program (names of the groups are modified with “мп” and “мн”, respectively). Also this year, the training of specialists was removed (groups are modified with “c”).

Information about defended thesis can be viewed by following the links. The term of preparation of students groups under the accelerated bachelor’s program (marked as “п”) and groups of masters of professional training differ from the full cycle program. The letter “з” means distance learning program.

Archive of defended thesis

Student developments of recent years can be seen in our section.


As result of 1 semester

2022/2023 academic year

Total students: 137,
on the budget: 130.


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