faculty of electric power engineering and automatics of “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”


Department’s history, current state and development prospects


The period of organization, war and post-war reconstruction (1936 – 1950)

The Department “Electrification of industrial enterprises” was found in 1936 and since 1937 started the students admission.

Since 1945 – “Industrial usage of electricity”.

Since 1949 – “Electrical equipment of industrial enterprises”.

Since 1970 – “Electric drive and automation of industrial plants”.

After the war in 1941 began, the department was evacuated to the city Tashkent. The initial staff of the department: the Head of the Department, prof. M.M. Vasiliev, postgraduate student L.O. Radchenko,  postgraduate student V.L. Nosov, senior laboratory assistant Y.L. Edelstein, and later S.O. Rebrov.

At the beginning of establishment, the area of training-laboratory premises was 140 m2, and in 1941 – 443 m2. The department had three laboratories: the electric drive, the management of electric motors and electrical equipment, and premises for scientific researches.

the Head of the Department, prof. M.M. Vasiliev


The employees of the department Rabinovych, L.O. Radchenko,  S.O. Rebrov and Y.L. Edelstein were drafted into the army.

M.M. Vasiliev, Goltraf worked in the department AIS, Tashkent.

In September 1944, after returning of the Institute to Kyiv, began the department’s restoration in the energy wing of the 1st Corps. At the same time, the classes were held in all five courses. The postgraduate Rabinovych died in the war, all the others returned to work.

In 1948 there were 10 people in the department:  the Head of the Department, prof. M.M. Vasiliev, docent K.V. Chertoryzhskyi, assistants A.P. Bezrodnyi,  L.O. Radchenko (in 1949 defended his PhD thesis),  S.O. Rebrov,  Y.L. Edelstein, and also postgraduate students V.L. Volodymyrskyi, O.I. Petrov, senior laboratory assistant M.S. Galuzynskyi, mechanic Y.A. Pachentsev.

Scientific work: increasing the of power factor, energy consumption standards, rationalization of equipment.

By 1941, one PhD thesis (V.L. Nosov) was defended and two more were prepared for defense.

In 1949  L.O. Radchenko defended his thesis.


The period 1950 – 1974

At the beginning of this period, the main laboratories in the energy wing of the main building were rebuilt and staffed. Such graduates, members of the war came to the department: E.P. Krasovskyi, O.G. Shapovalenko, K.M. Yudin, and also industrial workers S.F. Drobiazko, B.M. Matsko.

In 1957, Cand.Tech.Sci, Docent  L.O. Radchenko was elected as the Head of the Department

After the defense of candidate theses, they received the title of docents. In 1954, the graduate V.A. Gavrylyuk came to the Department. This period is characterized by direction displacement of the department of electrical control systems to electromechanical objects.

In 1957, Cand.Tech.Sci, Docent  L.O. Radchenko was elected as the Head of the Department.

In 1971, with the active participation of the Department, a problem laboratory of electric linear motors was established (chairman S.O. Rebrov, Deputy O.G. Shapovalenko).

In 1973, the Department and the problem laboratory conducted the general union conference about electric drives with linear motors.

In 1974, the docent  O.G. Shapovalenko and the senior lecturer V.A. Gavrylyuk were awarded with the medals of VDNKH USSR.


Scientific work:

Defended candidate theses:  E.P. Krasovskyi, O.G. Shapovalenko,  S.F. Drobiazko,  K.M. Yudin, B.M. Matsko.

In 1950, the work on investigation of the powerful dredgers (to 5 thousand kW) started under the leadership of L.O. Radchenko.


Since 1957, the studies of gantry cranes modes were conducted.

Since 1959, the investigations of trolleybuses for the route Simferopol-Alushta were held under the leadership of L.O. Radchenko.



Beginning in 1962 a series of works on creation of a unique booth for accelerated tests of the road constructions, coating and car tires were carried out. The work was attended by:  L.O. Radchenko,  V.A. Gavrylyuk, O.V. Kovalchuk, A.O. Kryvak, V.I. Shvets,  K.M. Yudin, E.V. Gorchynskyi and almost 50 students.


The booth exists until today.

In 1970, the booth received the Honorary Diploma of VDNKH USSR and the docent  L.O. Radchenko together with the senior lecturer V.A. Gavrylyuk were awarded with the Medals of Honor.

The work on creating of electrical apparatuses for pre-flight aircraft service together with the Kyiv factory Bilshovyk” under the leadership of S.V. Drobiazko began since 1963.  K.M. Yudin and  B.M. Matsko actively participated in work at this stage. In 1966, on three plants of the USSR began a serial production of launch airdrome APA-4 aggregates: “Budshlyakhmash”, Kyiv, “Bulding factory of electric locomotives”, Dnipropetrovsk, VO “Peretvoryuvach”, Novosybirsk. The modification of APA-4G provided a group launch of fighters.


In 1963, together with the Kyiv plant of electric transport, development and research of linear motors and electric drives with linear motors began (the Head S.O. Rebrov)

A monorail road with the length of 525 m with two linear motors of 5 kW each one was put into operation in 1967 on VDNKH, Kyiv. Linear electric drives of the ingot (24 kW) and towing drive of the research basin of the Institute of Hydrodynamics NAS of Ukraine were developed.


The period 1974 – 1989

At 1974, the teaching staff consisted of 15 employees: 1 professor, Cand.Tech.Sci. (S.O. Rebrov), 6 docents, Cand.Tech.Sci.  (L.O. Radchenko – the Head of the Department; S.F. Drobiazko, E.P. Krasovskyi, G.I. Golykov, O.G. Shapovalenko, K.M. Yudin), 3 senior lecturers (Cand.Tech.Sci. O.V. Kovalchuk, V.A. Gavrylyuk, A.O. Kryvak) – 5 assistants (Cand.Tech.Sci. B.M. Matsko, I.O. Kovalenko, V.V. Piven, O.M. Zholdak, O.V. Suchenko). At that time, nine lecturers of the Department had a scientific degree of candidate of technical sciences.

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor M.G. Popovych


In 1975, prof. M.G. Popovych was elected on the post of head of Department and in 1975, he was appointed as the dean of the faculty of electric power, M.V. Pechenyk became his assistant.  In the period 1975 – 1978, the department’s staff participated in hard work, connected with the construction of a new teaching and laboratory building, preparation of laboratory and educational-technical base for the transition to new premises and its update. During this period, there was a change in the specialty’s name; therefore, the department was named “Electric drive and automation of industrial plants”.

In 1975 – 1980, I.O. Kovalenko, V.V. Piven, M.V. Pechenyk defended the candidate theses. L.O. Radchenko got an academic title of professor and S.F. Drobiazko was elected to the post of professor.

In the period 1974 – 1977, V.I. Teryaev, V.M. Pyzhov, G.G. Voskanyan, S.M. Peresada, V.A. Lytvynov, A.A. Koykov came to the Department.

V.M. Pyzhov, V.I. Teryaev,  S.M. Peresada became assistants in 1979 and  defended the candidate theses in 1982 – 1983.

In 1979 there were 19 people in the teaching staff: doctor of technical sciences, professor – 1; Cand.Tech.Sci., professors – 3; docents – 8; senior lecturers – 3; assistants – 4. Number of teachers with academic degrees – 13 people (69%), without academic degrees – 6 (31%). The staff of Scientific Research Department has increased to 20 people with an annual amount of contractual scientific research works in 1977 – 234 thousand rubles.

In 1975 – 1979, three candidates of technical sciences were prepared at the department (V.V. Piksotov, Y.K. Lutsyshyn, M.V. Pechenyk, and scientific director – prof. M.G. Popovych).

Scientific work:

In general, from 1975 to 1989 20 PhD theses were defended at the department.

The professors M.G. Popovych – (18) and V.F. Kudin – (2) were scientific directors of them.

The scientific part consisted of 30 employees, among them – 4 candidates of technical science. An average amount of self-financing activities in the period 1985 – 1990 is about 380 thousand rubles per year.

The graduates of its postgraduate studies, which after some time were elected as assistant professors (V.I. Teryaev, V.M. Pyzhov, S.M. Peresada) and senior lecturers (G.G. Voskanyan, S.P. Kolesnichenko, V.A. Lytvynov) entered the department. In 1989, the department consisted: 2 professors, doctors of technical sciences, 13 candidates of technical sciences, docents and senior lecturers (83.3%), 3 lecturers (16.7%) did not have scientific degrees.

Scientific pedagogical staff of the department:

In 1989, nearly 300 students of the daily form (there were 62 foreigners among them), 115 of the evening department, 56 at the extramural form studied at the Department on the specialty (0628 Electric drive and automation of industrial installations and technological complexes).

By the 1989, the Department prepared 5 candidates of technical sciences – PhD (foreigners).

During this period the department had a leading position in Ukraine, prof. M.G. Popovych was the Chairman of the subcommittee under the  Scientific and Methodological Council in Automation at the Ministry of Education of Ukraine, and the docent O.V. Kovalchuk acted as the scientific secretary.

The period 1990 – 1999

The collapse of the Soviet Union and the formation of independent Ukraine

This period was difficult for the department. There was an almost complete reduction of self-supporting subjects, which were financed by the institutions of USSR. This primarily refers to the direction of the military-industrial complex.

The staff of the Department also was changed: O.V. Suchenko was appointed as the Head of the laboratory; O.G. Gorbunov was eliminated from the Department. In 1993, the doctor of technical sciences, Professor S.O. Shmatok came to the Department. The lecturers G.G. Voskanyan, V.A. Lytvynov, O.M.Zheldak moved to other jobs. The graduates of the department’s postgraduate study M.Y. Ostroverchov, O.Y. Handogin, M.M. Bondarenko, S.V. Bozhko were enrolled to their places.

In 1996, seven postgraduate students studied in the department. In 1990 – 1996 the Department prepared six candidates of technical sciences: M.Y. Ostroverchov, Al-Galaini, S.V. Bozhko, O.M. Khalimovskyi, H.H. Melkon, B.I. Pryimak. After the staffing changes, 17 lecturers among 18 had the academic degrees of doctor of technical sciences and candidates of technical sciences. Specifically, 3 doctors of technical sciences, professors; 9 candidates of technical sciences, docents; 5 senior lecturers, among which 4 candidates of technical sciences; 1 assistant,  candidate of technical sciences.

In 1997, the new name of the specialty “Electromechanical systems of automation and electric drive” was approved, that led to the change in the name of the department “Automation of electromechanical systems and the electric drive”.

The period 2000 – 2011

In this period the graduates of the department’s postgraduate study S.M. Kovbasa (2002, defended in 2004), S.V. Korol (2002, defended in 2007), V.S. Bovkunovych (2009), S.O. Burian (2001) came to the Department.

As well as young scientists S.S. Dymko and M.V. Pushkar.

4 doctors of technical sciences, professors; 1 professor, candidate of technical sciences; 8 docents,  candidates of technical sciences; 3 senior lecturers, candidate of technical sciences; 2 assistants without scientific degrees work on the Department.

Presently, the department has 9 postgraduate students, 1 researcher and 1 doctoral candidate.

During the period 2000 – 2011, 4 PhD thesis were defended: S. Kovbasa, S. Korol, O. Sokolovskyi, A. Toporov, and S.M. Peresada defended one doctoral thesis. The students of the Department took four first and three second prize places at the annual national competition of student’s scientific works: S.O. Burian, S.S. Dymko, A.B. Voronko, D.L. Prystupa, M.P. Buryk, T.V. Gryshchuk, O.I. Yaremov.

Over the last three years, some steps for modernizing the department were made:

  1. the laboratory of electromechanical automation systems of common industrial arrangements was put into effect (V.I. Teryaev, O.I. Kiselychnyk, S.O. Burian, S.M. Kovbasa);
  2. the training and consulting center ABB and NTU “KPI” “Modern technology in electromechanics” is ready for the opening (S.O. Burian, M.V. Pushkar, S.M. Kovbasa, V. Voroshchenko and other);
  3. the training and consulting center EATON (Moeller) and NTU “KPI” “Modern Technologies in Automation” is ready for the opening (S.V. Korol, S.A. Goncharenko, M.V. Pushkar and other);
  4. the scientific research lab of modern management methods in electromechanics, room 408 (S.M. Kovbasa, S.S. Dymko, A.B. Voronko, D.L. Prystupa, V. Voroshchenko);
  5. the scientific research laboratory on study of digital signal processors and microcontrollers, room 406 (S.M. Kovbasa, S.S. Dymko, A.B. Voronko, D.L. Prystupa, M.P. Buryk);
  6. completely functional offices were organized, where 11 lecturers and 2 employees work;
  7. all nine postgraduate students are provided with completely functional workplaces with PC and access to the Internet;
  8. there is continuous upgrading of laboratory base.

For today, there is a technology of creation of modern electromechanical systems on the Department, which includes: the construction and study theory of the vector control, emergency prototypal testing station, as well as real electric drives of its own production with their own controllers and software.

The main tasks

(Picture 11)

Resource support

Economically effective science

International cooperation


Solution of the staffing problem   Modernization of  laboratory base for the educational process and research


Optimization of educational process, reception and employment of students

Defense of the candidates theses: V.S. Bovkunovych, S.O. Burian – 2012, S.S. Dymko – 2013;

Defense of the three doctoral theses: M.Y. Ostroverkhov, O.I. Kiselychnyk, S.M. Kovbasa, within three years.

In 2016, the object is to conduct scientific and technical conference dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the founding of the Department

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As result of 2 semester

2019/2020 academic year

Total students: 162,
on the budget: 157.


Taking into account the epidemiological situation in Ukraine and the level of danger on the territory of Kiev , educational process in October 2020 (fall semester 2020/2021 academic year):
- for senior courses continues in distant mode according to order of the rector of Igor Sikorsky KPI dated 21.08.2020 No. 7/148 "About events for the organization of the educational process in the autumn semester 2020/2021." The training will take place in accordance with the Regulations for the organization of the educational process in distant mode.
- for the first course, training is carried out in mixed mode from 21.09.2020 with flexible schedule with a few weeks of face-to-face training according to the order of the rector № 1 / 266а "About events for the organization of the educational process in the autumn semester 2020/2021 for the future. To learn more about the specifics of the beginning of the semester for 1-st year students, you can follow this link .