Educational program “Electromechanical automatio sytems, electric drive and electromobility”,faculty of electric power engineering and automatics of “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”

Information for the 2019 entrant

Information for the 2019 entrant

1. The procedure of settlement of students of the 1st year

1. For organized settlement, 1st year student is encouraged to arrive on the day indicated in the settlement call.
The settlement is held from 27 to 30 August, if you do not have time to arrive on the day specified in the call, you will be able to settle in any other business day until 27 September.

2. Prepay a state fee for registration with any bank.
Payment details:
Recipient: UK in Solomenskiy district of Kyiv / 22012500
Recipient code (EDRPOU): 38050812
Bank Code (MFI): 899998
Account number: 33212879026010
Payment appointment: for registration of residence
Payment: 13,60 UAH.

3. File your passport with the hostel passport and get a settlement order.
It is obligatory to have:
Passport or ID card and copies of both sides of the ID card. It is not necessary to withdraw from the registration account, re-registration for residence in the hostel is performed automatically in Kyiv;
Original Residence Registration Certificate (Form 13);
A receipt for payment of state duty.
The location of your hostel’s passport can be found at the hostel stand or at

4. To undergo a medical examination at the KPI student polyclinic on ul. Angel, 18/2 (Be sure to have a fluorography and vaccination certificate with you).

5. Military students and conscripts, on the basis of a call to study, are obliged to withdraw from the military registration in the RIC at their place of residence while enrolled in a hostel (31 building, office 101). Be sure to have 2 envelopes with stamps in Ukraine (pay attention to stamps, the cost of stamps should be 8 UAH) + make a copy of the identification code and passport or both sides of the ID card + residence registration certificate (form 13).

6. A warrant, a doctor’s and passport certificate (for the military and conscripts – with a mark of the Solomenskiy District Military Committee in Kyiv (1 course is received in 31 buildings from 27 to 30 August) should be addressed to the head of the hostel for settlement.

7. To enter into a hostel an agreement / contract (issued at the settlement) for accommodation, to read the “Rules of internal arrangement in the student dormitories of KPI”, fire safety rules, get a pass and pay for accommodation on the site or in any bank branch no less than a month in advance.

2. Information to the applicant for 2019 about the program
Freshman day at the Igor Sikorsky KPI

Save the picture so you don’t lose it. See you August 30th!


3. Lists of students by academic groups

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Automation KPI named after Igor Sikorsky, educational program “Electromechanical systems for automation of electric drive and electric mobility”

група ЕП-91
1. Барбул Денис Андрійович
2. Булка Дмитро Віталійович
3. Головатий Андрій Олександрович
4. Грек Максим Дмитрович (контракт)
5. Дідик Назарій Васильович
6. Заворотній Владислав Дмитрович
7. Йовенко Олексій Борисович
8. Коваленко Євгеній Юрійович
9. Ковальчук Петро Олександрович
10. Кравчишин Володимир Володимирович
11. Левчук Назар Олегович
12. Остапенко Андрій Iванович
13. Приступа Дмитро Олегович
14. Сергієнко Антон Анатолійович
15. Сторожук Владислав Сергійович
16. Фоков Кирило Владиславович
17. Чурін Андрій Олександрович (контракт)

група ЕП-92
1. Богданов Валентин Андрійович
2. Бутенко Микита Сергійович
3. Гузерчук Денис Андрійович
4. Дмитрієв Олександр Сергійович
5. Зарицький Богдан Володимирович
6. Киченко Євгеній Олексійович
7. Коваленко Iван Андрійович
8. Корольова Катерина Борисівна
9. Кротенко Артем Олександрович
10. Mішакін Володимир Миколайович
11. Панченко Олексій Ярославович
12. Руденко Андрій Юрійович
13. Скорик Іван Iropович
14. Ступеньков Даніл Сергійович
15. Харченко Олександр Олександрович
16. Шмалько Дмитро Юрійович
17 Щербаченко Владислав Вікторович

група ЕП-п91 (“п” – прискорена форма)
1. Грабовецький Олег Васильович (контракт)
2. Железняк Владислав Володимирович
3. Зуєв Дмитро Сергійович
4. Кабацков Олександр Вячеславович
5. Кам’янець Вадим Анатолійович
6. Карпов Денис Сергійович
7. Кудільчак Михайло Вікторович
8. Кутир Віталій Вячеславович
9. Кученко Ярослав Сергійович (контакт)
10. Кучерук Іван Сергійович (контракт)
11. Лола Михайло Олександрович
12. Лук’янчиков Андрій Леонідович
13. Люляев Данило Денисович
14. Мацько Олександр Сергійович
15. Примич Олександр Васильович
16. Рибальченко Владислав Валерійович
17. Стеблівець Ольга Юріївна
18. Цимбалюк Максим Русланович
19. Черепов Богдан Сергійович

Best of luck in learning!

4. Information to the applicant regarding the schedule

The academic semester will begin on September 2, 2019, with a schedule of 1 week.
More details about the schedule can be found on our “Schedule” page and links to the Schedule-KPI site and the telegram bot “KPI Schedule”.


As result of 1 semester

2020/2021 academic year

Total students: 155,
on the budget: 150.


Educational process in quarantine

Taking into account the epidemiological situation in Ukraine and the level of danger on the territory of Kiev (More info is by the link.), an order was issued on the mode of operation of the university in the spring semester. The educational process is carried out remotely in accordance with the Regulations adopted last year.

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