International academic mobility

International academic mobility

It is realized on grounds of cooperation agreements with foreign higher educational establishments or by personal initiative of the participants of mobility programs according to confirmed and approved individual academic plans.

It involves Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute students’ participation in the educational process in foreign higher educational establishments, studying or production practice, scientific research etc., which gives the possibility of credit transfer of studied academic disciplines, to obtain dual degree, etc.


International scientific and technical activity

Faculty and students, including foreign students of the department, take active part in international scientific conferences and seminars.

Department members take part in international projects like ERASMUS, TEMPUS, DAAD aw well as are the members of the International Electrical and Electronic Engineer society (IEEE). The aim of their participation in international projects is to improve the quality of teaching, develop the conception of international higher education in Ukraine, determine general problems which limit students and teachers’ academic mobility, develop methodological recommendation for approaching the Ukrainian system of education to European standards.


Навчальний рік 2017/2018

Всього навчається: 195
з них: 185 на бюджеті.
Отримують стипендію:89
з них підвищену: 7.


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