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Micro electric car Microlino goes on sale in the fall

Swiss microelectrocar Microlino will be sold in Europe this fall Micro-Mobility is already finalizing the development of its Microlino concept car. At the moment, they are testing a prototype of Microlino 2.0, which differs from the first versions of the new product. In place of the tubular frame, the body was made of stamped steel […]

Standard for hydrogen transport in Europe

Europe is developing a single standard for hydrogen transport Standardization of Heavy-Duty hydrogen fuel systems will be carried out by 25 European organizations The new European consortium StasHH (standard-Sized Heavy-duty Hydrogen), which includes organizations specializing in hydrogen, has announced the development of a single European standard for hydrogen fuel cells integrated into heavy machinery. Such […]

An unmanned electric bus was introduced in the US

This is reported by the company’s press service. The company has been creating this bus for five years. The length of the Xcelsior AV is 12.2 M. it can carry 80 passengers (32-52 seats). While driving, it does not create CO2 emissions and can move without a driver. To do this, use the AutoDrive and […]

Airbus presents ZEROe fuel cell concept

Airbus has unveiled a new configuration as part of its ZEROe programme that could enable passenger aircraft to fly further than ever before with zero emissions. The so-called ‘pod configuration’ consists of six detachable fuel cell propeller propulsion systems mounted under the wings. In September, Airbus had given details of new hydrogen-powered aircraft studies. The aircraft […]

The first Ukranian electric truck

Перша електровантажівка виробництва вітчизняного "Богдану"

Ukrainian company Bogdan has developed the first electric truck manufactured for the European Union The electric vehicle is intended for mechanized transportation of solid household waste. “Bogdan” said that the electric truck meets all modern standards and is manufactured in accordance with European environmental standards, as some EU countries plan to ban diesel engines. The […]

Virgin Hyperloop launch in Nevada

The first Virgin Hyperloop passengers made a trip to Nevada, USA on the transport of the future. A Hyperloop is a vacuum tube through which capsules move at a speed of about 1000 km / h. In the trial, two passengers – both company staff – travelled the length of a 500m test track in […]

British firm D2H has created a cheap electric car

The British company D2H has created a cheap and lightweight electric car Tuk-Tuks, also known as rickshaws, are everywhere used as urban transport in crowded cities. Even though they are most common in South and Southeast Asia, they’re also used in Africa and the Middle East. Originally, however, the concept was based on the 1931 […]

ABB and Formula E car charging stations

ABB which is a partner of our department and has its own training center on the basis of the department, has become the exclusive supplier of charging solutions for racing cars of the 3rd generation of the ABB FIA Formula E World electric car racing championship. We hope that some of our students will connect […]

European Commission Program “Green Deal”

Програма “Green Deal”: майбутнє спеціалізації кафедри АЕМС-ЕП, КПІ

Green Deal program: the future of the specialization «Electromechanical systems of automation, electric drive and electromobility» in the development of the new economy of Europe and Ukraine I was inspired to write this short article by understanding the prospects for the development of specialization «Electromechanical systems of automation, electric drive and electromobility» Department “automation of […]

Electromobility in action

Partner of the department, high-tech company “Polytechnoservice” began production of the first in Ukraine autonomous trolleybus. Such vehicles can operate as a conventional trolleybus powered by a contact network, or as a battery-powered electric bus.   General view of the trolleybus Congratulations to “Polytechnoservice” including graduates of the department who work in it, with this […]

Committee of Europe Conference Horizon 2020

Розумний, екологічно чистий та інтегрований транспорт. каф. АЕМС-ЕП

Committee of Europe Conference ‘Horizon 2020’ – Smart, green and integrated transport Representative from Ukraine, Sergei Peresada, Head of the Department of Automation of Electromechanical Systems and Electric Drive of the National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” took part in the 28th meeting of the Program Committee “Smart, green and integrated […]

Project in THM (DAAD scholarship)

Project in THM, DAAD scholarship 6th-year scientific direction master-student of the department AEMS-ED Y. Nikonenko conducted research at the University of Applied Sciences of Mittelhessen (THM), by the DAAD Leonard-Euler Scholarship Collaboration Program in April-May 2019. The research program included the comparison of the energy characteristics of an electric vehicle system with two different energy storages. A […]


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