SchneiderElectric Ukraine cooperation

AEMS-ED department with Schneider Electric Ukraine cooperation continues. Training on setting up automation systems basics with drives and graphical interface was held on 04.10.2018. The training was conducted by the technical support engineer EcoStruxure Machine Danilo Broh.

During the seminar the students got acquainted with the elements setting up procedures of a distributed automation system for working together through Ethernet network. The test setup (see photo) consisted of two programmable logic controllers Modicon M241 and Modicon M221, a graphical panel for human-machine interface (HMI) implementation HMIGTO1310, the electic drive Altivar ATV320, Ethernet switch and additional equipment.

viber image

In addition to configuring system, the multi-window graphic interface creating procedure for electric drive controlling and monitoring its operation was considered.

Such seminars allow students to get more acquainted with software packages for the development of automation systems and the most advanced equipment that are just beginning to be used in the electrical engineering field.


2017/2018 academic year

1 term / 2 term

Total students: 195 / 187,
on the budget: 185 / 183.
Get a scholarship: 89 / 92,
increased scholarships: 7 / 12.


Credit session

12/25/18 - 12/28/18

Examination session

14/01/19 - 27/01/19

Additional credit session

21/01/19 - 26/01/19

100 years of EEAF !

In 2018, Electrical Engineering and Automation Faculty celebrated its 100-th anniversary. Our congratulations to teachers, graduates and students on this significant date.