Program “Electromechanical Automation Systems, Electric Drive and Electromobility”,faculty of Electric Power Engineering and Automatics of “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”

Opening of the summer series of games “What? Where? When?»

Opening of the summer series of games “what? Where? When?”2021 at the Department of automation of electromechanical systems and electric drive” will be held on April 16, 2021 at 18:00 at the link

Additionally, an online broadcast of the game will be held on the Department’s YouTube channel

All teams, members, graduates and guests of the intellectual club are invited.

In the first qualifying game, the “young” team “potential” headed by captain Nikolay Filonenko will play for the first time. This team has just joined our intellectual club, so we wish it success and an interesting game.

We encourage you to take part in the game and ask students questions about their specialty by filling out the Google form! Questions should be based on logic and reasoning, and such that students can answer them in 1 minute of reflection.

From the organizers of the games:

“Dear members and guests of our intellectual club. In the summer series of games “what? Where? When?”at the Department of automation of electromechanical systems and electric drive, the best player of each game, who, as always, will be chosen by Mr. Zaichenko, in addition to an interesting book, will also receive an Arduino Uno microcontroller for implementing their own projects on automation systems. The best player of the summer series will receive the symbol of our club-a wooden owl and a Raspberry Pi 4 microcontroller. play in our club and win!”

Current rating table

Video from the finals of previous episodes.

Join the game’s Telegram chat to follow the latest club News at the Department.

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