Educational program “Electromechanical automatio sytems, electric drive and electromobility”,faculty of electric power engineering and automatics of “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”

‘Formula E Student 2018’ competition

‘Formula E Student 2018’ competition

New point formed in our department cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences (Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen – THM, Friedberg city, Germany).
In the past, as part of the double degree program pilot project, our master-students took part in the ‘Carolo Cup’ competition, in which they were engaged in the robotic car autonomous model development [1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8].
Now an agreement has been reached between the AEMS-ED department, ‘Igor Sikorsky KPI’ mechanical and engineering faculty representatives “and THM scientists about interuniversity team creation to participate in the engineering contest ‘Formula Student’. This competition provides for the development and manufacture of electric vehicles, the electric drive of which will be developed by the students of our department.
This is a student engineering contest, which is held annually in the UK. Teams from all over the world are developing, manufacturing, testing and preparing a small race car in SAE formula style.
The objectives of the competition are to establish links between the world’s technical universities through the younger generation, to increase their qualifications as development engineers, to employ the best teams in the companies of such world automobile leaders as Renault, Jaguar, Mercedes, etc., as well as to design modern automotive technologies on the basis of sustainable development theory (eliminate emissions, use only recyclable materials, reduce energy losses in each module, etc.).
The competition is organized by the Institute of Mechanical Engineers and conducts according to the rules of the SAE formula. Cars are evaluated for a number of criteria: a) static tests: 1. Engineering design (150 points); 2. Analysis of cost and sustainability (100 points); 3. Business presentation (75 points); 4. Technical inspection (includes 6 tests): safety, chassis, noise, bias, braking and technical support (checked, but not evaluated); b) dynamic tests: 1. ‘Skidpad’ (50 points); 2. 1 km autocross/sprint (150 points); 3. 75-m acceleration (75 points); 4. 22-km endurance (300 points) and fuel economy (100 points). The winner is the team with the highest score.

5 4 3
THM team with which our students will unite to create an electric vehicle

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2020/2021 academic year

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Educational process in quarantine

Taking into account the epidemiological situation in Ukraine and the level of danger on the territory of Kiev (More info is by the link.), an order was issued on the mode of operation of the university in the spring semester. The educational process is carried out remotely in accordance with the Regulations adopted last year.

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