Program “Electromechanical Automation Systems, Electric Drive and Electromobility”,faculty of Electric Power Engineering and Automatics of “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”



The Department of Automation of Electromechanical Systems and Electric Drive teaches disciplines that help specialists of our field to have a high level of awareness in solving professional problems.

During their studies, students gain the knowledge necessary for the design, development and operation of automated production lines, robots, electric vehicles, industrial facilities and various automation systems.

Thorough theoretical and practical training is provided in the following areas:

  • electric drive, mechatronics and robotics;
  • power and micro-electronics;
  • programming of ARM-, DSP-microcontrollers, SoC and various controllers (for all 6 years);
  • theory of automatic control and simulation including control algorithms based on artificial intelligence;
  • automated control systems;
  • robots, flexible productions and automation;
  • graphical interfaces, web and IoT technologies, digital networks;
  • control systems for electric cars and other electric vehicles;
  • computer and information technology.

The language of the educational process is Ukrainian. For foreigners undergoing internships and internships, main teaching language is English.

The list of disciplines is presented on the following page:

List of disciplines taught by the department

Catalogue of elective courses

Our graduates also acquire the necessary knowledge of the technological features of industrial facilities and installations, production organization, economics, management, etc.

More detailed information is provided in the curricula.

Educational Level \ Document Form of study Educational program Curriculum
First educational level (bachelor) educational and professinal pdf red pdf red
educational and professinal (integrated)
educational and professinal (extramural)
educational and professinal (integrated) (extramural)
Second educational level (master of science) educational and scientific pdf red pdf red
educational and professinal pdf red pdf red
educational and professinal (extramural)
Third educational level (doctor of philosophy) educational and scientific pdf red pdf red



As result of 1 semester

2022/2023 academic year

Total students: 137,
on the budget: 130.


Educational process, 2 semester

By the decision of the Administrative Council and the selection committee of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, the educational process for full-time and part-time higher education applicants will begin from February 01, 2021/22 academic year. University is in distant mode until 19.03.2022.

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