faculty of electric power engineering and automatics of “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”

Відвідування занять

Відвідування занять студентами кафедри АЕМС-ЕП КПІ Сікорського
поточного навчального року 2019 - 2020. (курс - група)

Групи 1-го курсу

ЕП-91  ЕП-92  ЕП-п91

Групи 2-го курсу

ЕП-81  ЕП-82  ЕП-п81

Групи 3-го курсу

ЕП-71    ЕП-72 + ЕП-п71

Групи 4-го курсу

ЕП-61 + ЕП-62

Групи 5-го курсу

ЕП-91мн + ЕП-91мп

Графік навчального процесу на 2018-2019 навчальний рік (зі змінами) з'явиться пізніше.


Defences of prof. masters bachelors 2020

Defences of prof. masters 2020 Hurry up to register for the video conference dedicated to the defense of bachelor projects ...
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Courses Embedded Systems – Shape The World

With the transition to distance learning in universities, the issue of conducting online learning on the Internet For students of ...
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British University through the eyes ours students

From the head of the department, Sc.D. prof. S. Peresada In accordance with the Erasmus+ program, students and teachers of ...
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Protection of Dual Master’s Degree

At our department was online protection of the Master of Sciences Andrii Otroshko. The master’s dissertation A. Otroshko  was performed ...
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Master’s degree defense after an internship in England

At our department was online protection of the Master of Sciences Dmitriy Rodkin who performed the work on the topic ...
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Innovative 3D-construction project

Innovative project of mass construction on 3d printing technologies The founder of the startup LineBar Konstantin Barashkin presented an innovative ...
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As result of 2 semester

2019/2020 academic year

Total students: 162,
on the budget: 157.


Educational process in quarantine

Taking into account the epidemiological situation in Ukraine and the level of danger on the territory of Kiev (More info is by the link.), and due to the extension of quarantine in Ukraine until December 31, the distance learning format for students also continues until December 31. The first vice-rector Yuriy Yakymenko announced this during the meeting of the rector's office on October 19.

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