Educational program “Electromechanical automatio sytems, electric drive and electromobility”,faculty of electric power engineering and automatics of “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”

Courses Embedded Systems – Shape The World

With the transition to distance learning in universities, the issue of conducting online learning on the Internet

For students of our department, it is proposed to consolidate the acquired knowledge and skills acquired during the study of the disciplines “fundamentals of microprocessor technology” and “digital signal processing” for the development of embedded systems, after completing a series of courses “Embedded Systems – Shape The World”, which are conducted by teachers of the University of Texas at Austin.

The distance learning course provides both general principles and practical tips for building electronic circuits and programming microcontrollers in the C programming language. The course language is English, which allows you to significantly expand the student’s vocabulary.

First video: watch here

As part of the laboratory work, it is proposed to develop the skills of debugging the developed systems using virtual oscilloscopes, logic analyzers and other modern tools.

The first laboratory work is simulated in the development environment, then the student creates and debugs their system on a real microcontroller.

To successfully consolidate theoretical knowledge and further perform practical tasks, the ARM Cortex-M4 tm4c123 microcontroller from Texas Instruments and a minimum set of additional components that are available in the laboratories of our department are used.


As result of 1 semester

2020/2021 academic year

Total students: 155,
on the budget: 150.


Educational process in quarantine

Taking into account the epidemiological situation in Ukraine and the level of danger on the territory of Kiev (More info is by the link.), an order was issued on the mode of operation of the university in the spring semester. The educational process is carried out remotely in accordance with the Regulations adopted last year.

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