faculty of electric power engineering and automatics of “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”

Scientific conferences ELNANO, ESS and PSE-2020

ELNANO, ESS and PSE 2020 conferences and participation of representatives of the AEMS-ED department of KPI

Three annual scientific conferences, which are traditionally held in the halls of the library Igor Sikorsky KPI were held remotely in 2020.

  1. 40th International сonference on Electronics and nanotechnology (ELNANO-2020), April 22 – 24, 2020,
  2. 7th International Conference on Energy smart systems (ESS-2020), May 12 – 14, 2020,
  3. 16th International Scientific and Technical Conference “Problems of Modern Electrical Engineering (PPE-2020), 08 – 12 June, 2020.

Representatives of our department took an active part in the conferences. A total of 12 works were presented. The works are currently being added to the electronic databases IEEExplore and Scopus, after which the materials of the publications will be available on the website.


  1. Identification of the interior permanent magnet synchronous motor electrical parameters for self-commissioning
    S. Peresada, Y. Nikonenko, V. Reshetnyk
  2. Control Strategies for Three-Phase Three-Wire Shunt Active Filter in the Reference Frame of Two-Wattmeter Method
    M.Yu. Artemenko, Yu.V. Kutafin, V.M. Mykhalskyi, V.V. Chopyk, I.A. Shapoval, S.Y. Polishchuk

2) ESS

  1. Inductances determination of the interior permanent magnet synchronous motors considering saturation
    Sergei Peresada; Oleh Kiselychnyk; Dmytro Rodkin; Yevhen Nikonenko; Viktor Reshetnyk
  2. Selective estimation of three-phase mains current for shunt active power filter
    Yurii Zaichenko; Sergei Peresada; Serhii Dymko
  3. Investigation of the Hydraulic Pressure Stabilization Accuracy in the Conditions of Water Supply Cascade Pump System Operation
    Mykola Pechenik; Sergey Buryan; Hanna Zemlianukhina; Mykola Pushkar
  4. Approximation of Magnetizing Inductance Curve of Self-exited Induction Generator for Investigation of Steady-state Operation Modes
    Mykola Pushkar; Nataliya Krasnoshapka; Mykola Pechenik; Sergey Buryan; Hanna Zemlianukhina
  5. Compensation of Current Harmonics by means of Multiple Generation System with Doubly-Fed Induction Generators
    Ivan Shapoval; Valerii Mykhalskyi; Mykhailo Artemenko; Vasyl Chopyk; Serhii Polishchuk

3) PPE

  1. Formation of dynamic modes of fully controlled hybrid energy storage systems of electric vehicles
    S. Peresada, Y. Nikonenko, M. Zhelinsky, V. Reshetnyk
  2. Selectivity of estimation of higher harmonics of current of three-phase network
    S. Peresada, V. Pyzhov, Y. Zaichenko
  3. Optimization of magnetization and demagnetization processes of a vector-controlled induction motor
    O. Tolochko, D. Kalugin
  4. Energy efficient power active filtration strategies based on optimal load current decompositions and corresponding power losses
    M. Artemenko, Y. Kutafin, V. Michalsky, S. Polishchuk, V. Chopyk, I. Shapoval
  5. Formation of compensating current of the three-phase parallel active filter by means of various tempo sliding modes
    T. Misak, V. Michalsky


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