The olympiad winner Do Ngok Lama

Congratulation to 4-th-year student of AEMS-ED department Do To Ngok Lama with the victory in the All-Ukrainian student olympiads on disciplines ‘Higher mathematics’ and ‘Electrical engineering theoretical foundations’ in which he took the first prize places.



2017/2018 academic year

1 term / 2 term

Total students: 195 / 187,
on the budget: 185 / 183.
Get a scholarship: 89 / 92,
increased scholarships: 7 / 12.


Congratulations with university entrance company! According to the results of the competitive selection, there are students who entered to our department, namely: 30 students on the secondary education diploma diploma, 20 students with junior specialist diploma, and 27 masters of professional training program (plus 3 contractors and 1 foreigner), 3 masters of scientific training program.