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Artificial intelligence for writing resumes

Artificial intelligence writes a great resume for job search Scientists have created an artificial intelligence system that can create a special resume for the applicant for a vacant position. Resumes are compiled in such a way that the applicant’s experience is most interesting to the employer. Such resumes can bypass programs created for automatic screening […]

An AI system for training dogs

A team of researchers at Colorado State University has designed an AI system to train a dog to obey certain oral commands without human assistance. In their paper uploaded to the arXiv preprint server, the researchers describe the technology that was used to build the system and how well it worked when tested. Training dogs to obey […]

Artificial intelligence will guess the wishes of user...

Amazon specialists want to teach the virtual voice assistant Alexa, equipped with artificial intelligence, to anticipate users ‘ desires and offer options for their implementation. At the same time, a person will not need to voice their intentions, as stated in the company’s blog. For example, if the user asks the machine the question “how […]

New neural network creates images behind text

A new neural network called DALL-E has been proposed by researchers from OpenAI. The network can create images and photos based only on a text description. To train the neural network, the developers used 12 billion images from the internet that contained a text signature. As a result, algorithms do not search for images in […]


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