faculty of electric power engineering and automatics of “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”


Practice Terms in 2016

According to the order №1-297 of 29.12.2015, “About the students practice organization in 2016”, the following terms of practice are established:

6 year (masters)

4 year 11.04.2016-01.05.2016
3 year 27.06.2016-17.07.2016
6 year (specialists) 01.09.2016-26.10.2016

Practice passing institutions

Laeding enterprises and organizations are involved in their fields for the manufacturing practices. Such as:

  1. Інститут електродинаміки НАН України (www.ied.org.ua)
  2. АЕК «Київенерго» (www.me-press.kiev.ua)
  3. ТОВ «Фірма Харчосервіс» (www.yellowpages.ua/orgdetails.php?oid=34094)
  4. Інститут електрозварювання ім. Є.О.Патона (www.paton.kiev.ua)
  5. ЗАТ «ОТІС» (http://www.otis.com)
  6. ТОВ «СВ Альтера» (www.svaltera.ua)
  7. ВП «Рівненська АЕС» (www.rnpp.rv.ua)
  8. ВАТ «Веркон» (www.ukrbiznes.com/vizit.php?i=122428)
  9. АНТК ім. О.К.Антонова (www.antonov.com)
  10. КП «Київпастранс» (www.kpt.kiev.ua)
  11. ДНВП «Електронмаш» (www.elektronmash.kiev.ua)
  12. НДІ «Квант» (who-is-who.com.ua/bookmaket/ukrmorderzh2008info)
  13. ВАТ «Черкаський автобус» (bogdan.ck.ua)
  14. ТОВ «Раут-автоматік» (rautavtomatik.business-guide.com.ua)
  15. ДП «Завод Арсенал» (www.zavodarsenal.kiev.ua)
  16. ДП «Київприлад» (kiyivprilad.business-guide.com.ua)
  17. Каскад Київських ГЕС і ГАЕС (vyshgorod.osp-ua.info/druk/ch-1_fl-vizitivka.html) та ін.

The practice passing bases list is being constantly updated.

Professionals employment (distribution) agreement sample.

Typical contracts concluded with businesses for internships:

  1. The 3rd year traineeship contract.
  2. The 4th year traineeship contract.
  3. The 6th year (specialists) practical training contract.

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Practice of 2 years master-students in 2020

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Innovative 3D-construction project

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The best students of 2019 fall

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As result of 2 semester

2019/2020 academic year

Total students: 162,
on the budget: 157.



All forms of education in Igor Sikorsky KPI are chaged into distance study from 12.03.2020 to 03.04.2020. Study process is realized by means of electronic cabinets in "E-campus", and other media.
All mass events are prohibited for this period.
Take care.

Consultations during quarantine.

In accordance with the order of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 211, visits to educational institutions by their applicants are prohibited, therefore, all issues are to resolve remotely.
In case of critical questions regarding the educational process, which cannot be resolved remotely, you must make an appointment for consultation from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. via Telegram or by phone
+380 (95) 794-45-98.
Viktor Reshetnyk.

Distance consultations are available for all the staff from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Contacts of the teaching staff can be found from senior students of each group.