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Tusitha Abeyasekera

tushita aTusitha Abeyasekera

Dr. Tusitha Abeyasekera, born in Colombo/Sri Lanka. He obtained his education in Electrical Engineering from KPI/FEA graduating in 1999. Then he joined the University of Newcastle in UK, first as a PhD fellow and later as Research Associate in converter systems for renewable energy.

In 2007 he joined Vestas Wind Systems Research & Development in Denmark developing MW-class converters for wind turbines as well as leading activities and standards for reliability in power electronics. He has been responsible for the concept, design and testing of V164 9.5MW power converter for the currently largest serially produced wind turbine in the world.

Since 2015 he has been employed as a principal engineer in Mitsubishi Vestas Offshore Wind in Denmark, responsible for power converters for offshore wind turbines and grid code compliance.

Dr. Abeyasekera holds 8 patents and numerous publications and he is an expert member of IEC TC88 working group on wind energy generating systems.

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Contributing reports:

Investigation of converter failure in wind turbines (under Swedish wind energy research program Vindforsk – III) – 2012

– Reference group member – wind turbine – HVDC converter interaction in large wind parks – Swedish state funded, coordinated by Chalmers university

– Technical committee member- SuperGen reliability programme, UK

– Expert member of reference group on Investigation of converter failure in wind turbines funded by Swedish wind energy research program Vindforsk – III and industrial partners

– expert contribution for public funded projects at Aalborg university, Denmark:

   -CORPE (Center for Power Electronics Reliability);

   -IEPE (Intelligent Efficient Power Electronics).

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