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Olexandr Valentynovych Sadovoi


Olexandr Valentynovych Sadovoi


Olexandr Valentynovych Sadovoi was born on February 25, 1945 in Zahulba, East Kazahstan region, where his family was evacuated. From 1952 to 1960, he studied at the secondary school №13 in Uman. After the eighth grade he went to work as a turner at Uman factory “Megommetr” and continued to study in high school of working youth. After the end of this school with a silver medal in 1962, he entered the Kiev Polytechnic Institute and graduated from it in 1967, with the qualification of electrical engineer

From 1967 to 1968 , he worked as a design engineer in Uman factory “Megommetr.” From 1968 to 1970, he served in the USSR Armed Forces as a platoon commander, the chief of the radio station. In 1970, he started his scientific and pedagogical activities, working as director of engineering Central Research Laboratory of welding in Komunarsk Metallurgical Plant of basic laboratory at Kiev Institute Electric Welding named after Paton; an concurrently as a senior lecturer in the Department of electrical equipment in industrial enterprises of Komunarsk Mining and Metallurgical Institute. During the work at  Central Research Laboratory O.V. Sadovoi supervised the development, mounting, starting up and adjustment works and delivery into industrial operation the world’s first installation of plasma-arc remelting of titanium.

In 1972, he entered the full-time postgraduate study of Komunarsk Mining and Metallurgical Institute. After graduation in 1975, he worked at first as an assistant, and then as a senior lecturer in the Department of  electrical equipment in industrial enterprises of aforementioned Institute. In 1980, he defended his thesis for obtaining the Candidate of Technical Sciences degree and was elected as an assistant professor at the same department. And in 1983, Olexander Valentynovych was awarded the academic title of associate professor.

Sport played an important role in the life of Olexander Valentynovych. He was seriously engaged in football, cycling, motorcycling, sport orienteering since childhood until the defense of his candidate thesis. In 1963, Olexander Valentinovych became the winner of the Ukrainian championship of motocross.

In 1985, O.V. Sadovoi was elected through a competition for the position of assistant professor at the Department of electrical equipment in industrial enterprises of Dneprodzerzhinsk Industrial Institute. In 1986, created there the scientific school “Optimization of electromechanical energy conversion” and opened the graduate school.

In 1993, Olexander Valentynovych defended his thesis for obtaining the degree Doctor of Science. After that, the team members of the scientific school defended 2 doctoral and 9 candidate theses. O.V. Sadovoi created in 1986 a permanent seminar “Optimization of electromechanical systems” of Scientific Council of NAS to increase the scientific and professional training level of postgraduates and students.

After being elected to the post of head of the department and awarded the academic rank of professor in 1996, he created an efficient system of improvement of professional and scientific level of training by attracting the talented students to participate in Ukrainian competitions and students research works. Since 1999, the department prepared

10 prizewinners of II Phase of Allukrainian students Olympiad and 48 prizewinners of nationwide competitions of  students research works.

From 1979 to 1991, Olexander Valentynovych worked fruitfully with the enterprises of military-industrial complex of the USSR, creating the best for speed and accuracy tracking electric drives of special defense technique.

In independent Ukraine, his results of research aimed to improve the energy efficiency of electromechanical systems of  technological processes automation in the energy and industry.

O.V. Sadovoi pays great attention to improvement of educational process and increase the level of its scientific and methodological support. He is the author of two textbooks and study guides approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, two scientific monographs, 228 scientific articles and 43 patents.

In 1998,  O.V. Sadovoi was appointed as a vice-rector for scientific work in Dneprodzerzhinsk State Technical University. Occupying this position, he spread a system of training for talented young people to the whole university. This allowed the university to hold a leading position in Ukraine during ten years with the total number of awards, received by the students in II Phase of Allukrainian students Olympiad and nationwide competitions of students research works.

By request of industrial enterprises of Dnieper region, O.V. Sadovoi opened at the university two urgently needed specialties and equipped them fully with scientific and methodological support.

O.V. Sadovoi is a member of the presidium of the vice rectors Council of higher educational institutions in Ukraine, a member of the specialized scientific council for doctoral and candidate theses, a member of the editorial boards of four scientific journals. As an expert of the State Accreditation Commission and inspection of educational institutions of Ukraine, he constantly participates in the work of expert committees on licensing, accreditation and certification of specialties and universities.

As a member of the scientific-methodical commission of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine in the field of knowledge “Electrotechnics and Electromechanics”, O.V. Sadovoi genuinely shares his experiences in organization of educational process and its scientific and methodological support with Heads of the related departments of higher educational institutions in Ukraine. In 2004, he was awarded with the breastplate “Excellence in Education of Ukraine”. He received repeatedly the gratitude and cash prizes for the conscientious performance of official duties.

Olexandr Valentynovych chose his profession in 13 years and remains faithful to it throughout the life. He considers his job as a hobby, but during the short days of rest, prefers to travel by own car over Ukraine.

O.V. Sadovoi is a skillful organizer of educational process and scientific activities, Ukraine recognized scientist, an experienced teacher, a mentor for youth, a friendly, sensitive and principled man. He is respected by the team of the University.

Olexandr Valentynovych Sadovoi wishes young people to find their way in life, to choose the specialty, to which their soul strives, to improved themselves in it constantly and never regret  their choice.


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