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IEEE webinar – Online Loss Minimization for EM

Online Loss Minimization for Electrical Machines Wednesday 21 April 2021 at 2:00 PM CET (15:00 Kiev time) Presenter: Christoph Hackl Munich University of Applied Sciences (MUAS) Germany Abstract: Electrical machines consume more than 50% of the globally generated electricity. Hence, advances in research on the loss minimization of electrical drives (machine+inverter) have been made; in particular […]

Principle of operation of a magnetic pillow trains

MAGNETIC PILLOW TRAINS – TRANSPORT OF THE FUTURE Maglev trains (from the words “magnetic levitation”) are the fastest type of ground public transport. Although only a few such systems have been put into commercial operation so far, research and testing of prototype magnetic trains is being conducted in different countries. HOW IT WORKS We know […]

Volkswagen electric vehicles with reverse charging

Volkswagen Electric Vehicles Will Be Able To Supply Energy To Homes Following the results of yesterday’s Volkswagen event, it became known that since 2023, the production of a unified prismatic battery cell has been established, which by the end of the decade will be registered in 80% of the concern’s electric vehicles. The latter, as […]

Racing to accelerate research into solar powered cars

Research into solar powered cars is to be accelerated through a collaboration between researchers of world universities in Electric Vehicle Race as they work together to compete in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge. The ultimate synergy between nature and motion The Bridgestone World Solar Challenge has welcomed the greatest minds from around the world to […]

Aptera electric vehicles with solar panels

Aptera announces 7,000 reservations for solar electric car American company Aptera Motors has closed a фінансування 4 million Series A funding round and reports more than 7,000 bookings received for its prototype solar-powered three-wheeled electric car, which is available for pre-order from December 2020. Among the investors in the funding round, California-based producer Sandy Munro […]

New World Record in Wind Power Vestas

A new record in wind power was set by Vestas with the participation of our graduate The world leader, the Danish company Vestas, which has been operating in the wind generator market for 40 years, has set a new world record for capacity in the field of wind turbines. The new model of the v236-15.0 […]

Standard for hydrogen transport in Europe

Europe is developing a single standard for hydrogen transport Standardization of Heavy-Duty hydrogen fuel systems will be carried out by 25 European organizations The new European consortium StasHH (standard-Sized Heavy-duty Hydrogen), which includes organizations specializing in hydrogen, has announced the development of a single European standard for hydrogen fuel cells integrated into heavy machinery. Such […]

IEEE Open Journal of the IES

We invite you to read our inaugural 2020 Volume of the IEEE Open Journal of the Industrial Electronics Society (IES). Volume 1: 2020 New articles on timely topics are made immediately, permanently, and freely available to all. The initial articles published within the 2021 Volume are available, as well as those currently located in our […]

An unmanned electric bus was introduced in the US

This is reported by the company’s press service. The company has been creating this bus for five years. The length of the Xcelsior AV is 12.2 M. it can carry 80 passengers (32-52 seats). While driving, it does not create CO2 emissions and can move without a driver. To do this, use the AutoDrive and […]

An AI system for training dogs

A team of researchers at Colorado State University has designed an AI system to train a dog to obey certain oral commands without human assistance. In their paper uploaded to the arXiv preprint server, the researchers describe the technology that was used to build the system and how well it worked when tested. Training dogs to obey […]

The Inaugural Conference of the Horizon Europe projec...

On February 2, The Inaugural Conference of the launch of the Horizon Europe Program will be held! Dear colleagues! You have a great opportunity to watch this action online without additional registration. It starts at 12: 30 Kyiv time. Event description: The event brings together speakers from all over Europe and includes interventions by researchers, […]

Airbus presents ZEROe fuel cell concept

Airbus has unveiled a new configuration as part of its ZEROe programme that could enable passenger aircraft to fly further than ever before with zero emissions. The so-called ‘pod configuration’ consists of six detachable fuel cell propeller propulsion systems mounted under the wings. In September, Airbus had given details of new hydrogen-powered aircraft studies. The aircraft […]


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