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Intership in Warwick, 6-year m.stud.

Hello. My name is Dmytro Rodkin. I am 6-year student at AEMS-ED department. I am staying in Great Britain as an “Erasmus+” exchange-student from August 20th. This program allows me to take part in scientific research during 4 months. Topic of the research is “Adaptive control of the Interior permanent magnet synchronous motor considering saturation”. In this article impressions from the first part of the trip are presented.

First impressions about England

When we (I and other student from department) arrived to Birmingham airport we had to go to Coventry and after that – to university campus. This little journey was done by world-famous two-floor bus. Video below presents view from the second floor when we passed Kenilworth city centre.

However, thing that impressed me the most was a large number of extremely bright green lawns.


Most of the people live in two-floor houses. There are 4 apartments in such average house. City structure differs from Ukrainian one. Here, cities have clearly defined centre with a lot of cafes and shops. Centre is surrounded by residential area with no shops. That is why a lot of people buy enormous amount of food for the whole next week in supermarkets, especially on Saturdays.

About university

University of Warwick is situated near the Coventry in the very middle of the UK. Hostels, study buildings, sport complex, laundrette, hospital can be found in campus – all you may need for resultive studying.

Study buildings are not the same as in Ukrainian universities, instead of high and wide corridors with huge cabinets, here low ceiling, narrow corridors are with a lot of small cabinets. It allows to conveniently arrange big amount of professors and university staff in comparably small buildings.

Each student receive personal ID-card at the beginning of the study. This card is used as a pass to labs and sport centre if you have a membership. Also it is possible to put money to this card and pay with it in campus cafes with a discount. Also each student have an account in university base. Almost any problems can be solved via email correspondence with an appropriate authority. Registration to any events, dormitory applications etc can be done in electronic form.

As long as the main goal of the trip lies not only in studying, but also in scientific research, we were provided with PC and access to test rig in “Power and Control Systems Research Laboratory”. You have to enter your account data to have the access to PC. Almost any software can be installed simply by selecting it from available software list.

Most of the people who work in lab are Ph.D.-students. There is no specific time they should be on their working place each day. Some of them are working from home. They are only required to do job and show good results. Most of students work in lab from 9 AM to 5-6 PM on Monday to Friday. Meeting with tutor (scientific advisor) usually occures once per week. Most of the time students are to work individually.

About dormitory

University proposes several accommodations within campus. They vary depending on price and conveniences. The cheapest solution provides students with individual room with bed, desk, chair, dresser and nightstand (video below). Shower and toilet are shared between six students, kitchen – between 12 students. The most expensive dorms are more like separate apartments.

About people

People are very polite and always happy to help. If you are looking lost or don`t know where to go, you will be asked if you need some help.

Kind regards, Dmytro Rodkin.

Some additional photos

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