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Siemens day

Siemens day on AEMS-ED department

The Siemens day was carried out, 17.04.2019 on our department.

Specialists of Siemens Ukraine lecture the 5-th year students of automation of electromechanical systems and electric drives department. One of the lecturers was Oleksiy Melnyk, a our department graduate of 2017. He spoke about the high-voltage voltage converters production technology and about the latest developments in field of energy-efficient, high-dynamic electric motors. Also he showed capabilities of the software, which modern electric drive system developers are work with, and the latest developments in the field of adjustment processes digitization, monitoring and electric drives servicing.


His colleague, Mikhail Morgun, told about the updated line of electric drives for all application areas, ranging from consumer systems to specialized, high-precision, intelligent traffic control systems. In his lecture, he also raised the interesting issue of using IoT, BigData and AI technologies in the upgraded Siemens equipment lines.

More photos from meeting:


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