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Internship report

Hello, everyone!

I’m 6-th-year student, M. Slyvkanych. This year, I took a 5-month internship at the University of Applied Sciences THM, Germany. The internship took place within the DAAD student program framework, during which I spent most of the time in the laboratory, developing a computer vision system for miniature electric vehicle detecting road markings. Also during my stay at the university I attended English classes, and free evening courses of German language of A1.1 level, which resulted in a certificate for courses passing.

Working conditions in the university laboratories were very pleasant and convenient. In the photo 1 – I’m with friends at the university. On the photo 2 on the left you can see several miniature electric cars, which other students have been working on before. On the right is an electric vehicle, over which work is carried out to investigate the batteries charge-discharge processes, as well as drive automation. Also, laboratories are equipped with the latest equipment, so students work on projects with a high materials providing.

The internship went well. There was an opportunity to travel a little bit around Germany. The city of Friedberg, where one of the THM campuses, in which I worked, is located not far from the large center of Frankfurt am Main. In photo 3 I am on one of the Frankfurt bridges. Also, each small town located in the Friedberg vicinity, reflects German architecture and culture, so it was interesting to visit these places. Photo 4 shows the beautiful German houses of Marburg, which displays the beauty of German culture.

During my stay I was able to visit Paris. Traveled there by Flixbus company bus, which offers quite low prices for travel. Photo 5 shows me against the backdrop of the Eiffel Tower – the most beautiful place in Paris, in my opinion. Also, thanks to very cheap flights from the company Rayanair, I managed to fly to Venice.


Photo 1


Photo 2


Photo 3


Photo 4


Photo 5

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