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Volodymyr Zakharovych Borysovskyi

    The first deputy chairman the National Depository of Ukraine, the President of the Ukrainian public organization ” the Builders Union of Ukraine” Honored Builder of Ukraine. The deputy of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of the 10 th and 11th convocations (1980-1985). The national deputy of USSR (1989-1994). Laureate of State Prize in Science and Technology of the USSR (1984) and Ukraine (1999). A member of the Committee on State Prizes of Ukraine in Science and Technology. Academician, member of the Academy of Technological Sciences, academician of the Academy of Engineering Sciences of Ukraine, Board member of the Ukrainian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, Vice President of the International Union of Builders, board member of the International Union of Manufacturers. He was awarded with the orders “Badge of Honor”, October Revolution, two orders ”Red Banner of Labor”, three medals, Honorary Diploma of the Presidium of Supreme Soviet of USSR, Certificate of Merit of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Honorary Diploma of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. He was a member of the Communist Party in Ukraine (1979-1993). He was repeatedly elected as a delegate of the congress to the CPSU and the Communist Party of Ukraine. The name of V.Z. Borysovsky was recorded in such books: ”Names of Ukraine”, ”Outstanding engineers of Ukraine”, ”Building”, ”The land and people of Transdnistria”, ”The chronicle of higher education institutions” (graduates of KPI). Volodymyr Zakharovych Borysovskyi was born on April 25, 1933 in Debaltseve, Donetsk region in the family of worker. His labor activity started in 1956, after graduating from Kyiv Polytechnic Institute by specialty electromechanical engineer. During 1956-1963, he worked as a craftsman, a foreman, a chief of section, a senior engineer on the buildings of the mining and metallurgical industry in Kryvyi Rih installation management № 453 of the corporate trust ”Pivdenelektromontazh”. From 1963 to 1977, he held the positions of instructor, deputy of the head and chairman of the building department and communal household of Dnipropetrovsk Regional Committee of Party, Ukraine. In 1977-1979, he worked as the deputy head of Regional Executive Committee in Dnipropetrovsk. For more than 20 years of work period in Dnipropetrovsk region, he directly participated in construction of objects of ferrous metallurgy, chemistry, machine building, defense industry. V.Z. Borysovskyi is a member of formation of coal capacity and the bridges Ternovka and Pershotravensk in West Donbas; was personally responsible and achieved positive results in the implementation of industrial construction plans, complex building of residential areas, problem solving of regions flooding, transport development, communal household and consumer services of people; resettlement of residents from barracks, basements and premises, that are not adapted for living. From 1979, he worked on responsible leadership positions in Kyiv: at the beginning, as the first the Deputy Minister of industrial building, after this, during 6 years, as the Minister of erection and special construction works of Ukraine. Since 1987, almost 5 years, in the rank of Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Ukraineб he coordinated the activities of several ministries and agencies and supervised the work of many commissions for emergencies. In 1990, Volodymyr Zakharovych was a Minister of investments, State Minister. Holding these positions, V.Z. Borysovskyi used the leading forms and methods of work organization and demonstrated the ability to guide and unite many thousands of teams on implementation of assigned tasks. Under his leadership in a short time, the program of Ukraine’s transition to self-sufficiency in building materials and designs, sanitary equipment, decoration materials was developed and implemented. Already at the beginning of ’90 years, it allowed independently and completely resolve all issues regarding the bundling of structures in Ukraine. Volodymyr Zakharovych is an initiator of the establishment of many technical and technological innovations in building, including large-assembling constructions and equipment, automated management systems, highly mechanized production methods, input of the “turnkey” objects and the creation of innovative organizational and structural subdivisions for management in the current economic conditions. V.Z. Borysovskyi honorably fulfilled a responsible order of legislative authorities in Ukraine on the implementation of priority measures for liquidation the accident on ChNPP and the consequences of the earthquake in Armenia, where thanks to his initiative embedded innovations on organization, technology and buildings management, the necessary amount of work were performed in the required period. V.Z. Borysovskyi actively took part in establishment of independent Ukraine. He personally solved a complex of problems, connected with the output of its own currency, beginning with the conceptual development, contracting, designing, creation of appropriate capacity, purchasing, installing and setting up the processing equipment. Thanks to it, the problem of ensuring of the young state with own funds was resolved in a very short period of time. Organizational skills of Volodymyr Zakharovych were very useful during the redeployment of Ukrainian troops from Western Europe. Within a specified period and in close contact with the Ministry Defense of the USSR and Ukraine, a number of issues concerning the development of necessary infrastructure – the residential townships with a full set of social and cultural objects of everyday life were resolved. From 1993 to 1998, V.Z. Borysovskyi worked as a chairman of CJSC ”Lukoil-Ukraine”. The ability to combine broad erudition, high professional level with intuition allowed Volodymyr Zakharovych to find the right solutions in different situations, contributed to the education of many managers from large enterprises and organizations in building industry, as well as authorities of regional and state level. He takes an active life position nowadays, skillfully using the accumulated potential of professional and politics at the post of the first deputy chairman at the National Depository in Ukraine (since 1999) and the President (on the voluntary basis) of the Builders Union of Ukraine (since 1991). The proof of this is the constant and persistent cooperation with the NAS of Ukraine, the Ministry of Energy, ”Ukratom”, appropriate international organizations with adoption and implementation of technical and engineering solutions and investment projects at ChNPP objects, especially the creation of a new “Shelter”. Due to his perseverance in capital construction, the potential of contractors, design and research organizations was maximally saved, that allows to compete and to have funds reserves for the development and solving urgent issues in capital construction.


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