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Student performance ratings based on session results

Student performance ratings based on the results of the winter semester control of the 2020/2021 academic year are published on the website of the Department of educational work. We remind you: • Progress Rating = 0.95 * average score + 0.05 * extra points! • The rating includes full-time state-funded students who passed the semester […]

An AI system for training dogs

A team of researchers at Colorado State University has designed an AI system to train a dog to obey certain oral commands without human assistance. In their paper uploaded to the arXiv preprint server, the researchers describe the technology that was used to build the system and how well it worked when tested. Training dogs to obey […]

The Inaugural Conference of the Horizon Europe projec...

On February 2, The Inaugural Conference of the launch of the Horizon Europe Program will be held! Dear colleagues! You have a great opportunity to watch this action online without additional registration. It starts at 12: 30 Kyiv time. Event description: The event brings together speakers from all over Europe and includes interventions by researchers, […]

Airbus presents ZEROe fuel cell concept

Airbus has unveiled a new configuration as part of its ZEROe programme that could enable passenger aircraft to fly further than ever before with zero emissions. The so-called ‘pod configuration’ consists of six detachable fuel cell propeller propulsion systems mounted under the wings. In September, Airbus had given details of new hydrogen-powered aircraft studies. The aircraft […]

IEEE Industrial Electronics Society Upcoming Webinars

REGISTER TODAY! 1. Improving Academic Writing Skills for IEEE Transactions Tuesday, 16 February 2021 9:00 PM CET (8:00 AM EST, 2:00 PM CET) Presenter: Wen Cao Aston University, IE-13 Chair, UK  Abstract: This webinar is intended for junior and early-career researchers who are new to the IEEE Transaction publications. It will deal with the publication […]

Artificial intelligence will guess the wishes of user...

Amazon specialists want to teach the virtual voice assistant Alexa, equipped with artificial intelligence, to anticipate users ‘ desires and offer options for their implementation. At the same time, a person will not need to voice their intentions, as stated in the company’s blog. For example, if the user asks the machine the question “how […]

New neural network creates images behind text

A new neural network called DALL-E has been proposed by researchers from OpenAI. The network can create images and photos based only on a text description. To train the neural network, the developers used 12 billion images from the internet that contained a text signature. As a result, algorithms do not search for images in […]

Open doors day online

Faculty of electric power engineering and automatics invites everyone to the open doors day online! Are you interested in energy phenomena? Do you want to create future power plants and “smart house” systems? Are you thinking about IT in the power system control systems? Do you dream of developing computer-controlled electric vehicles, robotics? We are […]

The first Ukranian electric truck

Перша електровантажівка виробництва вітчизняного "Богдану"

Ukrainian company Bogdan has developed the first electric truck manufactured for the European Union The electric vehicle is intended for mechanized transportation of solid household waste. “Bogdan” said that the electric truck meets all modern standards and is manufactured in accordance with European environmental standards, as some EU countries plan to ban diesel engines. The […]

Awarding the winners of the winter series “What...

On December 24, 2020, the final game of the winter series “What? Where? When?” was held at the Department of Automation of Electromechanical Systems and Electric Drive. The best team of the winter series played in the final – that was the team of Ivan Epifantsev. After a grueling game, the team still managed to […]

The final of the winter games “What? Where? Whe...

Dear colleagues, we kindly remind you that on Thursday, December 24, 2020 the final game of the winter series of 2020 “What? Where? When?” will begin at 17.00 on the Department of Automation of Electromechanical Systems and Electric Drive, link ( The best team of the series will play in the final – the team […]

Defences of prof. masters bachelors 2020

Defences of prof. masters 2020 Hurry up to register for the video conference dedicated to the defense of bachelor projects of the department AEMS-EP 2020. The defenses will be held on December 21,22, 2020. If you are registering as a member, please follow this schedule of defenses. Also remember that you need to check your […]

IEEE Industrial Electronics Society Webinars

A Holistic Approach to Battery Modeling and State EstimationJoint Webinar with IEEE Transportation Electrification CommunityWednesday, 9 December 2020 2:00 PM CET (8:00 AM EST) Presenters: Mo-Yuen Chow and Bharat BalagopalNorth Carolina State University Abstract: Lithium Ion Batteries play an important role in many sectors, for examples: an energy reservoir in a microgrid facility that has high penetration of […]

Job fair ― beAhead fall 2020

We invite senior students and graduates of previous years to attend job fairs. A job fair is an event where employers and higher education applicants/graduates have the opportunity to communicate in person, get first-hand information and find the desired job. Content Online company tour. Webinars and trainings from companies. Express interview with the HR manager. […]

Bringing together a community AEMS-ED

Об’єднання спільноти випускників і фахівців спеціальності, АЕМС-ЕП

Bringing together a community of graduates and specialists of our specialty to establish communication within the community during periodic meetings In difficult times of pandemics and crises, professional contacts play an important role. The department can and should be a guide in establishing communication between its graduates and specialists of our specialty, and therefore the […]


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2020/2021 academic year

Total students: 155,
on the budget: 150.


Educational process in quarantine

Taking into account the epidemiological situation in Ukraine and the level of danger on the territory of Kiev (More info is by the link.), an order was issued on the mode of operation of the university in the spring semester. The educational process is carried out remotely in accordance with the Regulations adopted last year.

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