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IEEE Industrial Electronics Society Webinars

A Holistic Approach to Battery Modeling and State Estimation
Joint Webinar with IEEE Transportation Electrification Community
Wednesday, 9 December 2020 2:00 PM CET (8:00 AM EST)

Presenters: Mo-Yuen Chow and Bharat Balagopal
North Carolina State University

Abstract: Lithium Ion Batteries play an important role in many sectors, for examples: an energy reservoir in a microgrid facility that has high penetration of renewable energy resources, a primary energy source in electric vehicles (EVs), etc. However, the rate of adoption of these batteries are a lot slower than expected because of the uncertainties introduced in term of the State of Charge (SOC), State of Health (SOH) and Remaining Useful Life (RUL) estimation. This webinar will address the issues associated with current battery monitoring systems, their pros and cons and provide insights into new technology that has been developed to not only model but also provide live status updates regarding the battery’s SOC, SOH and RUL when the battery is in use. The speakers will also introduce a relatively new concept called the State of Function (SOF) of the battery and define the relationship between the SOC, SOH, RUL and SOF of the battery. The webinar will cover two major tools, (1) the First Principle Based Four-Dimensional Battery Degradation Model (4DM) and (2) SimBattery Pack that were developed to provide highly accurate and real-time SOC, SOH, RUL and SOF of the battery packs in microgrids and EVs.

The webinar is sponsored by the IEEE IES Technical committees on Energy Storage (ES TC) and on Resilient and Security in Industrial Applications (ReSIA TC). The target audience includes graduate students, researchers and professional engineers interested in gaining an in-depth knowledge of current and future trends in advanced modeling of lithium ion batteries, which is mandatory for an effective use of these batteries.


Current Control Techniques for Fault-tolerant Polyphase Induction Drives
Friday, 18 December 2020 11:00 AM CET (6:00 PM GMT+8)

Presenters: Hang Seng Che and Mahdi Tousizadeh
NUM Power Energy Dedicated Advanced Centre (UMPEDAC), University of Malaya Malaysia

Abstract: The concept of fault-tolerance for electrical drives has been extensively explored from different angles, aiming to enhance the overall reliability of polyphase adjustable drives. Despite having different control perspectives, the goal has usually been pursued along the same path, which is to maintain a circular trajectory of air-gap flux in presence of open phase fault. Nevertheless, the structure, operating principles and underlying assumptions will manifest, to a large extent, into different challenges that will affect capability of the fault-tolerant controllers. In this webinar, an overview on the underlying principles of fault tolerant control for three-phase and multiphase machines is given. A couple of different fault-tolerant controllers applied on three- and six-phase drives will be presented to elucidate the various considerations required for fault tolerant drive using different current control techniques.


IEEE 61158-2017 – Standard for Hard Real Time Communication

Friday, 18 December 2020 2:00 PM CET (8:00 AM EST)


Presenters: Dietmar Bruckner
B&R Industrial Automation, Austria 

Abstract: Ethernet POWERLINK is a communication profile for Real-Time Ethernet (RTE). It extends Ethernet according to the IEEE 802.3 standard with mechanisms to transfer data with predictable timing and precise synchronization. The communication profile meets timing demands typical for high performance automation and motion applications. It does not change basic principles of the Fast Ethernet Standard IEEE 802.3 but extends it towards RTE. Thus it is possible to leverage and continue to use any standard Ethernet silicon, infrastructure component or test and measurement equipment like a network analyzer.


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