faculty of electric power engineering and automatics of “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”

Practice of 2 years master-students in 2020

Dear master-students of the first year of study!

In accordance with the order № 1-350 from 11.12.2019, “On the organization of internships for students and graduate students in 2020“, the practice of 2 year master-students, studying in the educational-professional program, will take place in the period from 01.09.2020 to 26.10.2020. Our institution, Igor Sikorsky KPI has a number of complex agreements with the enterprises of Kyiv, the activity of which is related to your chosen specialty 141 “Electric power, electrical engineering and electromechanics”. Those responsible for the internship in your departments will assign master students to future internships in the coming days. Those students who wish to take an undergraduate internship outside the place of assignment designated by the department, should immediately contact those responsible for the internship of your departments with the question of the possibility of signing individual contracts for internships at other companies.


As result of 2 semester

2019/2020 academic year

Total students: 162,
on the budget: 157.