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Smart Building exhibition visiting

Smart Building exhibition visiting

Students have visited the Smart Building. The department 5th year students visited the exhibition ‘Smart Building’, which was held on 22-23 February 2018 in the KMDA. SMART BULDING is an international professional exhibition that demonstrates world and Ukrainian achievements in the field of intelligent systems and automation of commercial and residential real estate. The real […]


2017/2018 academic year

1 term / 2 term

Total students: 195 / 187,
on the budget: 185 / 183.
Get a scholarship: 89 / 92,
increased scholarships: 7 / 12.


Congratulations with university entrance company! According to the results of the competitive selection, there are students who entered to our department, namely: 30 students on the secondary education diploma diploma, 20 students with junior specialist diploma, and 27 masters of professional training program (plus 3 contractors and 1 foreigner), 3 masters of scientific training program.