TechnoArtKPI 2018

ТехноАртКПІ запрошує на фестиваль науки! сайт АЕМС-ЕП

TechArtKPI invites you to the science festival! Established in 2018, an association of talented students in various fields of science – TechArtKPI – will hold its first festival on September 8, 2018. Of course, this meeting will not include all actively working students in the university scientific and practical life, but no doubts, it’s a large-scale [...]

Indian students practice 2018

Практика студентів з Індії 2018 кафедра АЕМС-ЕП

Indian students practice 2018 AEMS-ED department Indian students practice 2018 on automation of electromechanical systems and electric drive department was held. Indian students have already practiced twice at our department [1], [2]. This year, the practical classes for second-year students of the VISHWANIKETAN Institute were conducted in English by our three teachers: M. Pushkar, S. Buryan, [...]

Сooperation with German university


Our department cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences (Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen – THM), Hessen, Friedberg city, Germany, has been going on for 3 years. Among this time, our department professors, teachers, post-graduates and master-students actively passed training in THM, raising their qualifications, and took part in international seminars, among which: S. Peresada and assoc. [...]

Graduates master-students 2018 spring

Вітаємо випускників-магістрів весни 2018 року

Congratulations to the graduates of 2018 spring! Ceremonial presentation of diplomas to ‘Igor Sikorsky KPI’ master-graduates was held in the Academic Council hall. This year at the electromechanical systems automation and electric drive department 19 master-students, including 4 foreigners successfully defended. Our graduates became the first in the department who received a new specialty, which [...]

Report at Nottingham University

Ноттінгемський університет

AEMS-ED Department and Nottingham University Automation of electromechanical systems and electric drive department head prof. Peresada S. visited The University of Nottingham, Power Electronics, Machine and Control. Prof. Peresada S. was invited to hold an international seminar on the Chinese university campus in Ningbo concerning topic ‘Asynchronous machines for transport and industry – the state of [...]

‘Formula E Student 2018’ competition

‘Formula E Student 2018’ competition

‘Formula E Student 2018’ competition New point formed in our department cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences (Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen – THM, Friedberg city, Germany). In the past, as part of the double degree program pilot project, our master-students took part in the ‘Carolo Cup’ competition, in which they were engaged in the robotic [...]


2017/2018 academic year

1 term / 2 term

Total students: 195 / 187,
on the budget: 185 / 183.
Get a scholarship: 89 / 92,
increased scholarships: 7 / 12.


Congratulations with university entrance company! According to the results of the competitive selection, there are students who entered to our department, namely: 30 students on the secondary education diploma diploma, 20 students with junior specialist diploma, and 27 masters of professional training program (plus 3 contractors and 1 foreigner), 3 masters of scientific training program.