Scientific cooperation

International scientific and technical activities

The department has close relations with foreign universities and scientific organizations and currently collaborates with three universities – partners (partner list is given in the table).

Cooperation with the Otto von Guericke University of Magdeburg (Germany) is being resumed.

Training of teachers abroad is carried study the the educational process methodology, teaching and information materials exchange for use in the educational process and scientific work.

International scientific and technical activities

The department staff and students take active part in international conferences and workshops. They are members of the International Association of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). In 2007 and 2008 student scientific conferences with foreign students were carried.

Teaching Staff involved in the international project TEMPUS “Expanding academic mobility between the European Community and Ukraine” (UKRMOBIL) implementation. The project purpose was to develop the higher education internationalization concept in Ukraine, identifying common problems that limit academic mobility of students and teachers, development of guidelines on the convergence of Education of Ukraine to European standards.


Конференція IEPS’18

Конференція IEPS З 10 по 14 вересня 2018 р. у Національному технічному університеті «Харківський політехнічний інститут» відбулась міжнародна конференція IEPS «IEEE ...
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Стипендія Леонарда Ейлера

Стипендія Леонарда Ейлера Вітаємо! Стипендія Леонарда Ейлера присуджена студентові 6-го курсу Ніконенко Євгену. На фото зліва: проф. Яндульский О. С., студент 6-го ...
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Ноттінгемський університет

Report at Nottingham University

{:ua}Кафедра АЕМС-ЕП та Ноттінгемський університет Завідувач кафедри автоматизації електромеханічних систем та електроприводу проф. Пересада С.М. відвідав Ноттінгемський університет (Англія), факультет силової ...
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Intership report

{:ua} Стажування. Сливканич Микити у THM (more…) ...
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Victory in the student contest 2018

{:ua}Перемога в конкурсі 2018 ! (more…) ...
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Carolo Cup. Design is completed

{:ua}Розробку автомобіля для конкурсу Carolo Cup завершено (more…) ...
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2017/2018 academic year

1 term / 2 term

Total students: 195 / 187,
on the budget: 185 / 183.
Get a scholarship: 89 / 92,
increased scholarships: 7 / 12.


100 years of Electrical Engineering Faculty!

This year Electrical Engineering Faculty have 100-th anniversary. Our congratulations to teachers, graduates and students on this significant date. Anyone who wants to contribute, to recreate the history of the faculty, send suggestions to the postal address svkorol ON