Дітріх Меллер


Dr. Dietrich G. Möller
President & CEO of Siemens Russia & Central Asia

1982-1990 ELPRO AG, Germany: Director for Research & Development (last position).

He was born on December 6, 1957 in Dresden, Germany.


Kyiv Polytechnic Institute – specialty “electrical engineer”.

Technical University in Dresden – the degree of Doctor of Technical Sciences.

Professional experience:

1982-1990 Company ELPRO AG in Germany:

Director of R & D

1991-1999 «Siemens AG» in Germany:

Department “Automation & Drives”,

Head of the department “Traction Converters”,

Department “Transport equipment”,

Head of business direction “Components”

Head of the Department DUEWAG AG,

Head of Design Office, business direction “Trains”.

2000-2006 Head of business direction “Trains” of the department “Transport equipment”.
2006-2008 The President of “Siemens” in Russia,

Vice-president of concern “Siemens”, Germany

since April, 2008 The President of “Siemens” in Russia and Central Asia,

Vice-president of concern “Siemens”, Germany



As result of 1 semester

2018/2019 academic year

Total students: 166,
on the budget: 160.
Get a scholarship: 74,
increased scholarships: 14.


Open-doors days on department

In 14.06.19 at 16:00, and 20.06.19 at 16:00 an Open-doors day will start on our department. Let us meet in 412 cabinet of 20 corps. If you were lost on campus or you are late, call us. Details - on the link.