Semester in Germany

Semester in Germany

Hello. I am a 5th year student of the ‘EП-81мн’ group, Andriy Otroshko. During the winter semester, I studied at Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen under a double degree program. The training was conducted within the framework of the DAAD International Program on the basis of a new specialty in THM – Computer, Control and Communication Engineering (CCCE).

Our group consisted of 11 students, including 4 students from our faculty of Electric power engineering and automcatics, 3 from India, and on one of Pakistan, Indonesia, Paraguay and Germany. There were 6 credit modules in the program:

  • English,
  • cyber-security,
  • basics of designing smart grids,
  • modeling of electromechanical systems,
  • methods of control of electric drives,
  • inter-disciplinary project on the Internet of Things.

Lectures were conducted in blocks of 2 classes, which lasted 1.5 hours each. All classes are conducted by competent teachers using modern technology.

Additionally, I was responsible for creating an algorithm for steering the front axle of an autonomous car model. Empirically, a kinematic model of a machine was created, and then a state-space controller for this model was developed. The model was compiled in the Matlab, the Simulink toolbox, and then, using the built-in tools, it was translated into programming language C and implemented on a microcontroller device.

We lived in a hostel in a separate room of 13 m2. Each room has several cabinets, a bed, a work desk, a sink. You can connect to the fast unlimited Internet with an Ethernet cable. The interior looks like this.


My room in the hostel


Kitchen on my floor

Семестр навчання в Німеччині, студент кафедри АЕМС-ЕП КПІ Сікорського


As result of 1 semester

2018/2019 academic year

Total students: 166,
on the budget: 160.
Get a scholarship: 74,
increased scholarships: 14.


We are asking for help in treating a 5-th-year student, group EP-81 N. Filippenko, who after a severe injury since 01/02/2019 is in the intensive care unit of the Kharkov 'Institute of Ridge and Joint Pathology'. He needs an operation costing about 100 000 UAH.
To provide assistance, an account is opened: a card of PrivatBank 5168 7554 3672 4898, recipient: Filippenko Natalia Arkadievna, mother of student.